Living With Chronic Pain Resources

A list of resources to help those with chronic pain find their own unique healing path.

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A chronic pain advocacy organization helping individuals find resources and provide education for people living with chronic conditions that cause pain.

'Outsmart Your Pain: Mindfulness and Self-Compassion to Help You Leave Chronic Pain Behind' is a powerful guide to managing chronic pain using mindfulness, self-compassion and meditation.

Offers US and international workshops on self-managing chronic conditions using evidence-based programs. Programs include small groups, online programs and workshops.

A very comprehensive, free chronic pain guide by the American Chronic Pain Association and the Stanford Division of Pain Medicine. It is a vast resource with multiple approaches to chronic pain management.

An independent, non-profit chronic pain news service. Its mission is to raise awareness about chronic pain by educating everyone from sufferers to the general public about the pain experience.

Text "HELLO" to 741741. The Crisis Text Line connects people with counselors to provide support and information for anyone in a crisis of any kind. The line is available 24/7 in the U.S.